Engineering Services

HeatPump Engineering Servicing are providing a professional and reliable Heat Pump Servicing on Air to Water Heat Pumps.
We are trained and fully approved to Service and Commission Ireland's most popular branded Heat Pumps including main brands Hitachi, Samsung Joule, Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Grant, Stanley and Midea.
Our Service areas are Tipperary, Limerick, Kilkenny, Birr, Carlow, Portlaoise, Wicklow, Kildare and Dublin.


Engineering Services

We supply Portable Air Conditioners
which can dehumidify, cool and heat the room.
Ideal for the home office, log cabins and mobile homes.


Engineering Services

We supply and install Midea mini split air condition units
which cool, dehumidify and heat up to 30°, ideal for the
home office, Portacabins, granny flats, mobile homes,
conservatories and small extensions.


Engineering Services

We are fully trained and equipped to commission and
service both monobloc and split system heat pumps on
Ireland's leading heat pump brands.


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Why Choose Us?

Choosing HeatPump Engineer Service to carry out your annual Air to Water Heat Pump Service will not only ensure your warranty remains valid, but it will also ensure your Heat Pump will be running at its most efficient settings, helping to keep your electricity bill down to the minimum.

Our Service vans are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to service the various types of units that we are approved to service.

We only provide servicing on the Heat Pump brands that we are fully trained and approved to work on, which is a requirement for your Heat Pump Warranty.

Our FAQs

How does an air to water heat pump work?

They work by circulating refrigerant liquid between two heat exchangers called an Evaporator and a Condenser. Heat extracted from the outside is routed to the compressor and exits the compressor at an elevated temperature and this heat is transferred to the heat exchanger to heat hot water for the radiators or under-floor heating.

Do I time my heat pump the same way as my oil boiler?

It’s not recommended to time heat pumps on and off. Your new heat pump runs at a lower water temperature and has a slower reaction time compared to other heating systems. When you have your heat pump commissioned, the operational temperatures will be set for you and you will be shown during handover how to set the temperatures to suit your comfort levels. Just like your fridge does not run all the time but it’s always switched on, your heat pump should be left on all the time, and it will run as often as required to keep the temperature in each room as its set by the room stats.

How do I keep my heat pump running costs down?

Keep your windows and doors closed, ensure your room stats are not set too high, typical settings are 21 ° in the kitchen and living rooms, 22 ° in bathrooms and 18° in the remaining rooms, ensure shower run times are not too excessive. Shop around every year to get the best rates for your electricity supply company.

Does it matter where I fit the outdoor unit ?

Talk to your heat pump supplier to clarify the orientation recommendations before installation commences. It will be also specified in the installation booklet that comes with the heat pump. It is imperative that the heat pump location distance from the wall, height of the ground and side clearance plus front clearance are adhered to at the installation stage in accordance with the installation Instructions.

Are heat pumps reliable?

Heat pumps are very reliable and efficient machines and are rarely troublesome. If the system detects a fault it will show up on the remote screen as an error fault code, you then contact your installer and pass on the error code information which maybe just a reset or further trouble shooting may be required.

How often does my heat pump need servicing?

Manufacturers specify once a year by an approved manufacturers trained engineer. This is also a requirement to keep your warranty valid for the duration of the warranty and will also be part of a preventive maintenance programme, keeping your heat pump efficient and reliable.